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More than a millennium after the Old English epic poem Beowulf was written John Gardner wrote Grendel. Set in the same world as Beowulf it focuses on one of the antagonists in Beowulf, a monster named Grendel. In Beowulf Grendel ravages the the kingdom of the Danish ruler Herot, but is later defeated by the renowned Beowulf; In Grendel Grendel is given the chance to tell his side, lending an insight into his life and giving dimension to his character. The major theme of the book is finding one's identity. Grendel's war with the Danes begins as a result of him trying to make them see him not as a monster, but as an intelligent being. Later in the story Grendel consults a mystical dragon and the dragon tries to convince him that murder is not wrong; Grendel compares this to the idea that he is the bad in the world, told to him by a Danish storyteller, and begins acts more like a cold and nasty beast without feelings. Finally, as the story turns
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Unformatted text preview: Grendel becomes more miserable, questions why he does what he does, but after looking in at himself he realizes it is his destiny to continue doing what he does and to be miserable since that is what he was created to do. The people around Grendel are also led to find their identity. Just like the Danish storyteller tells Grendel about good, evil, and that he is the evil in the world he tells the Danes long, extravagant, and mostly false stories about what they have accomplished in history and who they are, leading them feel superior. Grendel even says that he feels that he has made Herot what he is by ravaging him so much. It was Grendel's purpose as a ravager to make Herot into a great ruler, and Beowulf into a great savior....
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