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23:19-24 thrid broucha trans 23:19: god isn’t a human that he wont go back on his word, and he isn’t a human that he will 4give vetchnam- 2 4give 23:20 I have took the blessing and I cant give it back 23:21 ________ hashem is with them _______ 23:22 gotd took them out of egypt withth strength of a ram 23:23 there are no snakes in yakov and and no ___ in yesral _____ snakes- nachash- whispering – egypting spells 23:24 there is a nation that goes up like a lion___ and they don’t lie down untill they every thing is distroyed and they drank the blood of their ennemys
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Unformatted text preview: summary 19- god is soild 20-no backsies on brouchas (god) 21-god sees no sin the the Jews (both) not true 22-god brought the Jews out of egypt (god) 23- Jews are sin free(god) 24-the Jews distroy their enemyh( jews) rashbam 21-hashem doesn’t want to see the sins of the Jews rabbi levi 19- hardest word yet chazbad in 25:15 the woman that gets killed in her… is named kazbie 23- the Jews had the thing with the snake just a few monts ago this whole thing is saying that bring sin 2 get bad...
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