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10-30-02 Perick 20 pasock 22-29 ahron death

10-30-02 Perick 20 pasock 22-29 ahron death - and even...

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Perick 20 pasock 22-29 shron death People with a draged out death in torah- not just and they died Mosha Ahron Yakov Trans: And the Jews left kadassh and the nation came 2 hor har 1 and hashem said 2 mosha abd 2 ahron on hor ha har on the side of the land of edom 2 saying 1 Rashie: it’s a mountian on another molutian from har and har in each wrd
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Unformatted text preview: and even though the cloud was there it stoped and didn’t cute it in half, like it did 2 the others (excpt 4 har nvoah(mosha death), here, har seni) 2 the were living by esav and they started 2 slack off and they didn’t have the highness 2 live near a zdik like this he says here because the q of by edom...
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