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12-13-02 - like mizraim they were figthing and hasme made...

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Eya havrim-(down bottom west side of jordan)>The Jews ent from nachal zarad----- weny 2 evar arnon(small way between moav and emorie) 21:13- and the Jews went from nachal arnon that waz in the desertt 2 the path of the emorie sice arnon the o fmaoav between moav and the emorie and 15- questions Q:what is the book of warz Q:What is alkain Aonkolos 14 They sings about mizraim even though they just fought emorie and just
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Unformatted text preview: like mizraim they were figthing and hasme made win and some even say mosha split a river 15: Rashie 14 at havah: 14-15 are sdong rashie 15 this waz a valley and they were being attacked from top and u could talk from 1 sied 2 not + olny way throught go through vally and when Jews go they think thatg ibin ezra the safear of milcamot waz an idpendant book and we lost it j...
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