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1-27-02 - pay their acoording to his protion the dosn;t...

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Rabbi akiva says this: you cant be found giulty on your own testomony Rashie: the person giving out the didn’t get a chance to carry out the senatance and they ran away to another beit din and they confessed that they weere conviced in another beit din Statges of beit din here 1. aucesed of false witnesses 2. convicted a. run away b. 2 nd beitdin c. confess 3. punished gamra rav nacman say in the name of rabbei yehuda in the name of rav : ad zommin
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Unformatted text preview: pay their acoording to his protion the dosn;t makse senes its just a fact? He pays half he pays half (stament) It already says this in a mishna later on?[y say this](rafutation) q::why in the name of in the name of…. A:since closer 2 mishna since rav was talmuid of rabbie...
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