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10-14-02 rivew 4 tes - witneses ןב הצלח ןב וא...

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Q:hazamah A:recprial punishment Q:what recprical punishment A: the false witnesses get the punishment 4 what they acuse the other person of Q:what hakasha A:2 more witness and say it was different case Q: after hakasah what happens A: one is not blevaid more than next- get more info Q: what if the 2 nd set pair of 1000 A:1000=2 all same nomater how much Q: what are exceptuion 2 rule A: 1. some 1 accuses somebody of beiging a הצלח ןב וא השורג ןב and witness testify that they couldn’t of been there we don’t make the false
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Unformatted text preview: witneses ןב הצלח ןב וא השורג (if it would be possible) we give them 39 lashes 2. if some 1 says that somebody has 2 go 2 exile and other witennes claim he couldn’t of know that he was with us Q: הצלח ןב וא השורג ןב how could u make them A: הצלח ןב וא השורג ןב lose their choan benifets, if they false witneses were also cohnim they lose benifits...
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