12-11-02 4 excptions 2 rule of adim zommim

12-11-02 4 excptions 2 rule of adim zommim - 5. ???? rebbi...

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4 excptions 2 rule of adim zommim 1. grosha and chloza 2. ariah miklak 3. if an ox rams some1 2 nd time owner payes koefar 2 redeem himself 4. when u become an evid evri a. if u steal and cant pay back beit din pay 4 u and sell u as an evid evri b. u can olny wrk 6 years tops(till shimita)
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Unformatted text preview: 5. ???? rebbi akiva whos is the tana Brita: There is a pasock and you pay to redeem ur soul Whos soul 1. tan kama: damgage rabbi yeshmal ben...
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