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1. torah shah bichtav a. tanach b. given 2 mosha and wriiten down right away 2. torah sheah bal peah a. ex: gamra, mishnah…. b. At 1 st torah shea peal peah was given 2 mosha and paseed by word of mouth i. as time passed people were beging 2 4get the stuff passed down so it was seen that they had 2 write it down(mishna) so it wouldn’t be 4 gottten 1. by rabbie yehudia ha nassie a. also rbeano ha kadosh b. also rabbie 2. the people talked about in his time were know as tanaim
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Unformatted text preview: 3. mishna was arangined in 2 6 sections and the abervation was טקנ ןמז a. zraim b. moad c. nzikin\ d. nasim e. kadshin f. tahorot 4. written in israle ii. later as time went by people went by people were 4getting more so more was written down known as gamra 1. by ravina and rav ashie 2. wriiten in bablonian\baval 3. people in it amoraim a. not aloowed 2 argue with tanim...
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