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1. why do we learn Jewish history? a. To put everything together b. To know who we are c. To see how we survived as a people so well with out a land and were so diverce 2. who are we a. what are we called i. Hebrews-evrim 1. evrit isn’t because of the languge, langue because of name 2. since avraham croseed the efrdites and got that
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Unformatted text preview: name, to show we are his decendents of avrham a. he was promised israle and we’re his decendants so it ours ii. children of Israel- beni yesral 1. Israel was Yakov 2. he was the last 4father and then with his sons we branched off iii. Jews- yehudem iv. isralites- yesralim...
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