9-18,7,4-02 kingship 1st temple post shlomo

9-18,7,4-02 kingship 1st temple post shlomo - Q how will...

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9/4,7/02 kingship 1 st temple post shlomo when shlomo there was a person yrebon ben navat who did bad things and he was exiled after shlomo died he came back and told his people in the noth of his experinceses also when he died his son rchavom took over, but he wasn’t as sharp as his dad and he charged all theses taxes and yerobam made the people got angry and went with the army and complained and rchovim said 2 bad and they threatened 2 kill him + he ran 2 yershalim and yerobam said well we don’t have a king so we need a new1 how bout me? So the contry plit in half crossing by yerushalim 10.5 in the north and 2.5 (half is levim) trhe south was yehuda and beymin Since the majority of tribes were in the north so they kept the name isral\yesral so they called it malchia yesral and malcha yehuda was the north\ Judea and they cut that name 2 ju(jew) and the north area was evutly lost (the lost tribes)
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Unformatted text preview: Q: how will the south serve in the beit hamikdash A: if they were 2 go then they would go see the south and change sides so they make a mizbach in shomron (wanst allowed ) and evenutly it stoped serving god and went 2 idols 730-asur comes 2 power asure was a verry powerfull country and they cared a lot about fight and got very powerfull and it came 2 israle and Judea and isarale to become slaves and pay taxes to them, and gypt said don’t fight, we’ll help u, so they said no and bult up their army, but juewda said ok just lets us do what we want so they said ok but they said to israle u said no so we are going 2 take what u want most away(their land), so they made them move to another countrey, unkown and they became the lost tribes few Jews we amble to stay and they intermarried with the people who moved there and became the smirams(added 9/18/02) 722-isral destroyed 586-judea distroyes...
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