11-13-02 shimon-alexander yani - the makes u ltitle scared,...

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1. shimon makes peace with rome a. 2 make shuren peace 2. shimon dies’ 3. youchnon Hyrcanus take over a. not as religious or concered with torah as dad waz, more intrested with making like be4 4. attacks going down a. idomia b. edom 5. wanted idomia to not fight a. force ruling class 2 convert 2 Jews so think like king not angry i. like anochius 6. yochana has different frinds than dad 7. 2 groups a. zdokim i. seduces ii. yochanah iii. cant explain anything but exactly what says iv. not every1 needs 2 learn, just preists gov 1.
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Unformatted text preview: the makes u ltitle scared, dependant, in chagre of u, gratefull 2. dator ship v. in power b. praoshim i. pharisees ii. felt that every1 should undestand torah and apply themselves 1. demochratic 2. cared about all iii. try 2 explain things 2 be alowed iv. majorty c. other fights in past i. yesral-yehudim ii. mtsoshim chsidim 8. oral torah- toral she beal peah a. make torah she bichtav livieable 9. yochan dies and his son die 10. alexander yani take over 11....
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