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12-18-02 herod - ii 2 kids 10.he paranoied and he killed...

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1. Roam fights and then evetuly wins over and harkonos made king figher head of jews 2. roam made a procurator antipater 3. antipater apooints hiss sons rep a. herod in the north i. mean 4. herod kills a band of rebles without talking a. sent 2 sanhedrin 5. herod goes 2 shanhedrin a. wares pruple- roalty 6. roam fight herod exiled 7. herod convince roamans that he sould get them 8. roam take over calll paistine and make herod king 9. herod was mean,. He not hacmonie so he want 2 getin, marry chmonie a. the gandaugthter of harkonous, mraim i. she had bro real chmonie
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Unformatted text preview: ii. 2 kids 10.he paranoied and he killed bro-inlaw, since Jews like and bow 2 him want him king a. herod think he reble and kill i. he think his granddad-inlaw- harkonous die ii. wife rebel, kill 11.he wanted 2 be nice(messup in head) a. hebiult masada b. he built 2 citys in galill- tvara and kasrim after kings c. he improved the beit hamkdas i. be4 he died he put an egal infront of the kodash ha kedoshem 1. egal=roam 12.he died a. people very happy 13.he give kids country 14.roam take ove whole country 15....
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