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1. stories of the macabim a. the used gorila warfare i. were out nubered ii. they knew land iii. they were kohanim b. helenisist join macabim i. they wanted grrek and jew, but they cant since antioucus says no torah c. they win and run out the greek d. runs stright 2 the beit hamikdash i. mess 1. idols e. put down theirwpons start 2 clean i. 25 clislev 1. chnuka f. want 2 make a stament i. light the menorah g. olny enfough oil 4 1 day i. oil needs 2 be made by a spechial oil by a sepcial family of cohanim 1. take 8 days 2 get h. lasts 8 days 2. who was fighting here a. mabbe vs grecoserian i. few vs many b. judisum vs hellisum i. spiurital vs physial
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Unformatted text preview: c. jewdisum vs pageiusm d. antioucous vs hashem 3. real mircal a. judisum vs hellisum b. jewdisum vs pageiusm c. not menorah 8 days 4. yehuda die a. war 5. eleirar die a. crushed by elephant i. the greco syrians had caputed africa and found elphants and they cant kill since skin so thick, but some find out where 2 kil, botttom and he kills 1 and gets crushed 6. yochanan die\ a. war 7. shimon and yountan left 8. 2 gen want 2 be king in gerco-syria a. both ask 4 Jews 2 side with them no slvery i. pick wrong 1 9. yountan 10. youcnan hrpouns idomea-edom...
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