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מ ames and words kate arian- verbose- using lots of words david bassan-succint- express in few words gabrielle berg- laud-praise ari faiwiszewski-exasterbate-to annoy malka goldberg-sesquipedalianism- use of a lot of words avi jacob- trepidation-state of alarm nathaniel kratchman-soperific- tiring deborah rubenstein-sacrosact-to be holy kevin schwartzback-nadir-the lowest poïnt aryeh stock-zenith-the very top david cohen-torpid-lazy josh cohen-obsequious- suck up samantha francis-gregaious-sociable benjamin mass-paragon/-model of eccelence aaron marcus-sedulous- perserverance
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  • Fall '02
  • Mrs.Abberbach
  • Year of birth missing, American film actors, American television actors, American Jews, faiwiszewski-exasterbate-to annoy malka, lowest poïnt aryeh

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