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rfough draft - Wise thats what my mother told me the...

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“Wise” that’s what my mother told me the meaning of sagacious was when I got home and told her about a weird report that I had to do on the word “sagacious.” Throughout all my research I have found many interesting things, but I found one thing that stood out. The fact that my word constantly came up in correlation with animals, when I saw this I went to look at the unabridged dictionary’s definition and saw that the last of the definitions of the word was intelgenent animals. I found this stood out for many reasons; it’s quite odd to me that animals would need their own word to describe something that could apply to other things as well. I also found this to be odd since I thought that logically the odder of the definitions in the dictionary would be the order of that they were most commonly used, but it wasn’t true here. I did notice though, that the definitions in the dictionary were ordered from most ambiguous to least ambiguous or maybe they were ordered in a spontaneous fashion. That was only one of the many things that I discovered during my word report, I put a lot of work, time, and effort into this report and learned many things and encountered many difficulties while working on this report. At first I was eager to write this entire report without ever using anything but my computer or the school’s computer, but one day I changed my mind and went to the library. The library proved to be much easier in doing much of the reserch for this report. All I had to do was pull books off the shelf and bring them over to the copy machine and sort out what I needed once I got home. The only problem that I
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encountered in doing that was keeping track of the things I had on my laptop and the things I had on paper, a problem that I fixed with little trouble. I also encountered a problem when I was trying to find the etymology of my word, I didn’t understand what the book said. This happened to me in multiple books and I finally decided to ask my mom for help, and she showed me how to use it. The first thing I wanted to know about my word was the definition. On page thirty two of volume IX of The Oxford English Dictionary , I found the unabridged definition. Sagacious can mean many things; having a good perception, especially when in comes to your sense of smell, or being a good character judge and being able to make up shrewd plans, or as I mentioned above it could an intelligent animal. In essence sagacious means smart, but not smart as in “book smart,” or even “street smart.” It means smart in a fashion that
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