3-25-03 mcbeth review2

3-25-03 mcbeth review2 - weather mcbeth cant say amen and...

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Mcbeth is than of glams Duncan will give him than of cowdor And he will become king Mcbeth’s 1 st line is ironic since is fan and foul-what good is bad- its not what It seems- that’s the theme The withes foreshadow and profisize what will happen in the futer Baque’s dinasty will be better than mcbeth’s regin This is an historichaly based, but no lady mcbeth and baquo consprited with mcbeth Lady mcbeth’s plan: Drug the gaurdes with acholol with sleeping poweder in their drink Y dose fleance suspect mcbeth: he saw the profecy 4 shadowing viloance anamal- hoourses, and owls
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Unformatted text preview: weather mcbeth cant say amen and cant pray anymore he killed sleep lady mcbeth is anoyed at mcbeth when he kills duncan since he keeps 1 of the dagers and she get blood on her hands- guilt blood sybolic of guilt potter is comic relife pepole think that donald bain and malcom are thought 2 be the murderes since they run after t 2 people run away mcbeth starts 2 think mcduff knows so u buts a spy in his house and has some1 kill lady mcduff and his son lady mcduff is the anthisisi of lady mcbeth mcbeth starts seeing the gost of duncan at the crowing...
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