3-31-03 mcbeth review

3-31-03 mcbeth review - campofluage army moving ii he will...

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1. most tragic shabeare plays a. macbeth b. hamlet c. king leer d. othello 2. lady mcduff was the antisisies of lady mecbeth she is the foil 3. muders in the play a. king duncan-mcbeth b. duncan’s gaurds- mcbeth c. banquo- by revengers by mcbeth d. lady mcbeth- by lady mcbeth e. macbeth by mcduff 4. play is written in iambic panatmeter- blank verse a. short sliable a long slable b. blank verse has iambic and freee dosn’t c. when the witches speak they speak in rhymeing couplets 5. prophesies a. also called apperations b. first one i. mcbeth 1. thane of glamas 2. thane of cowdor 3. king thereafter ii. banequo 1. wont be king but will beget kings a. his kids becomes king b. dose happen c. 2 nd one i. mcbeth will be harmed when burman woods comes 2 dunaznian hill 1. it seemes like the wodds are moveing because
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Unformatted text preview: campofluage army moving ii. he will be harmed by some1 not bourn by a woman 1. c-section a. cesar was the 1st 2 have 1 so thus cesarin section 6. than=earl 7. witches had beards to make them ugly and evil 8. lessere than mcbeth grater than mcbeth 9. protaganist- good guy a. mcduff b. goes 2 england 2 ask the king 4 troops 2 go 2 scotland 10.antagaoist- bady guy a. macbeth 11.protagaist vs antaganist god vs bad 12. mcbeth knew what had happende since he didn’t come 2 the crowning 13.malcom and donalbain sons of duncan 14.lady mcbeth posined him self a. 4 shadowed by the fact she had sleeping pills b. suaside an be due to guilt or act of protest 15.settiing a. scotland b. 1606...
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3-31-03 mcbeth review - campofluage army moving ii he will...

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