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11-25-02 Flowers 4 Algernon

11-25-02 Flowers 4 Algernon - because no candyey be4...

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Flowers 4 Algernon Know date of 1 st progress report Hes 36 Iq 68 Iq= intelligence Quotient Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nermer dissargee about if charlie is good Strauss says Charlie has motervation Charlie thinks motervation= chease Nemmer really takes away the candy not because bad like charlie thinks but
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Unformatted text preview: because no candyey be4 operation 2 tests 4 charily 1. roarshack test a. ink blot 2. themataic aperception a. a blot of ink and u got 2 think wha u think b. charile wan...
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