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1. Charlie’s IQ was 68 at the beginning of the story 2. Charlie goes to Miss Kinman’s class to learn how to read and write. 3. Charlie says he sees blobs of ink the first time he has the Rorschach Test 4. Charlie Is chosen for the experiment due to his motivation. 5. Charlie thinks that Joe and Frank are his friends prior to the operation, but they really are just laughing at him. 6. “To do a Charlie Gordon” means to mess up or act dumb. 7. Dr. Strauss is motivated for better reasons and is more optimistic while the other doctor just wants to be famous and is more pessimistic. 8. By looking at what Charlie is learning and how his grammar improves you can tell that he is getting smarter after the operation. 9. Charlie feels like he’s in a competition with Algernon before the operation. 10.On Charlie’s second outing with Joe and Frank Charlie realizes how they really fell about him. 11.Charlie loses his job since people are afraid of him and how he has changed so much. 12.Charlie’s feelings for Miss Kinnian changed for being teacher and pupil
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Unformatted text preview: relationship to two people being on the same level and than Charlie became smarter than her. 13.Charlie understands more of what is going on between the doctors after the operation. 14.Charlie was upset about the episode with the dishwasher boy since that was the person he was at one point. 15.The Algernon-Gordon effect is when you get really smart and then dumb again. 16.Charlie tries to write down everything he knows before he forgets it. 17.Charlies co-workers arent friendly to him when he gets back to work. 18.Miss Kinman is sad when Charlie returns to night school since it is symbolic of his changing back. 19.Charlie blames Dr. Nemuer for his loss of intelligence due to his rushing. 20.Charlie acts haughty when he becomes a genus. 21.When Miss Kinman says I just hope that is foreshowing that Charlie may change back. When Charlie starts to see Miss Kinman more often it is foreshadowing how close they can be....
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