Lab 3 - Caroline Ho Whittling Down the Possibilities:...

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Caroline Ho Whittling Down the Possibilities: Identifying an Unknown Purpose: In this lab, unknown compounds were identified by using concepts of dipole moments, solubility, and boiling point data. Discussion: Unknown 1c was deduced to be heptane. It possessed no dipole moment and was not soluble in water, which eliminated all compounds except for hexane, carbon tetrachloride, cyclohexane, heptane, octane, and para-xylene. After mixing the liquid sample with sodium chloride, the result showed that the unknown had a lower density relative to water because it did not dissolve sodium chloride. This additional information only eliminated the possibility of carbon tetrachloride as the compound. The unknown starting showing signs of boiling at around 60°C, but the temperature didn't stabilize until it reached 99°C. Though the temperature vacillated between 99°C and 100°C, it did not increase beyond 100°C. This boiling point indicated that the unknown was heptane, which has a boiling point of 98°C. The experimental boiling point was a mere degree from the boiling point of heptane, and was nowhere close to that of cyclohexane ( 81°C) and octane (124 to 126°C), the two compounds nearest in boiling point to heptane. Unknown 2c was deduced to be ethanol. The unknown exhibited dipole moment and was
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Lab 3 - Caroline Ho Whittling Down the Possibilities:...

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