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lab syllabus - \ 11 I / r . Digital Logic ECEN-3100...

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\ 1·1 I r «. / ECEN-3100 Digital Logic Laboratory Rules and Procedures In general, lah t" will be due the Thursday of the week following the scheduled completion of the lab. There v. ill be exceptions for projects and difficult labs. You can work in groups of 2 or if laboratory resources permit. you can work individually. Groups may change personnel freely throughout the semester. provided that all members of all groups af,'Tee to the move. It is expected that all members of the lab groups cuutribn te equa to the assignments. I f at any time you feel that you are doing more than your fair share of work or if you feel you are not getting a chance to contribute, please consult your TA or the course instructor. During assigned laboratory sessions, all laboratory assignments are conducted under the supervision of the instructor or the teaching assistant. \.rtcudance during assigned laboratory meeting times is MANDATORY. In the case of a dire emergency, you may be excused from laboratory if prior arrangement is made with your TA. In the case of acute illness, please notify your TA and group members by email if you are unable to attend lab. A doctor's note may be requested, at the option of your TA. The penalty for an unexcused lab absence is 50°0 of the student's lab assignment grade. The lab is to be kept neal and I at all times. You may eat and drink in the lab, so long as the lab is kept clean. If the lab is found to be messy during the semester. the eating and drinking privileges will be revoked. Remember. this is one of the few laboratories at this university that permits eating and drinking in the lab, so please do not abuse this privilege. Do not leave things behind in the lab. Items
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lab syllabus - \ 11 I / r . Digital Logic ECEN-3100...

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