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commentary on lucreitus

commentary on lucreitus - look in amazement at those not...

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Sam Robinson 2/12/08 The Good Life Lucretius Lucretius, in my opinion, is very conflicted in his arguments and hypocritical as well. He claims to see the world from an Atomistic point of view, believing that everything exists in the physical sense, composed of combinations of atoms. However, he then chooses to explain God in the same context of the physical universe. This to me seems a critical error. While it is in the preface, which was written by the compiler of the book, it still must merit that Lucretius has some faith invested in “god”, and “god” is not a physical entity of our world. There are no atomic structures that represent God, as God is something we, people, created in our minds. He goes on in Book Two to show the happy person with “the good life” as one that is in a peaceful place, and who looks down at the wandering, aimless souls still looking for that peace. To me this seems too much like a hierarchy and less like a community. If someone is in their joyous existence, why would they be so selfish as to
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Unformatted text preview: look in amazement at those not achieving joy and not attempt to aid them? In the following books, he argues against the fear of death by arguing that death is the dissipation of a being's material mind, and so, as a simple ceasing-to-be, death can be neither good nor bad for this being. Thus, people should enjoy life without the fear of a God figure. But then this confuses me, as the preface seemed to say that he acknowledged God, just not as an influence on our everyday lives. According to Lucretius, fear of death is a projection of terrors experienced in life, of pain that only a living (intact) mind can feel. Lucretius also puts forward the 'symmetry argument' against the fear of death. In it, he says that people who fear the prospect of eternal non-existence after death should think back to the eternity of non-existence before their birth, which they probably do not fear....
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commentary on lucreitus - look in amazement at those not...

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