IPHY 3420 packet 2

IPHY 3420 packet 2 - BLOOD PANEL INTERPRETATION Are you...

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BLOOD PANEL INTERPRETATION Are you curious to know what your blood panel results mean? Here is a brief description of each measurement with reference values. Look to your class notes or textbook for dietary and lifestyle factors that may affect each measurement. PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO TALK TO ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR BLOOD PANEL RESULTS, DISEASE RISK, OR LIFE IN GENERAL. Disclaimer: Your lab results may fall outside of the "normal range" for many reasons, including stress, menstrual phase, bodyweight, problems with collection and/or handling of your blood sample, prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs (aspirin or cold medications), caffeine intake, alcohol intake, and a number of other non-illness related factors. Any unusual or abnormal results should be discussed with your physician. It is not possible to diagnose or treat any disease or problem with this blood test alone. It can, however, help you to learn more about your health and detect problems in early stages when treatment or changes in diet and lifestyle can be most effective. ~ Hematocrit is a measurement of the proportion (percent) of your blood volume that is made up of red blood cells. The value is expressed as a percentage or fraction of cells in blood. For example, a hematocrit value of 40% means that there are 40 milliliters of red blood cells per 100 milliliters
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IPHY 3420 packet 2 - BLOOD PANEL INTERPRETATION Are you...

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