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commentary on dubois - brainwashed b lack minds into...

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Sam Robinson 4/7/08 The Good Life W.E.B Du Bois Du Bois is a strong advocate for racial equality and for pointing out the oppression that African Americans suffered from. Du Bois brings up something he refers t as “second sight”. Second sight is what black men and women seem to have. It is because white people want them to view themselves as different. It is a claim that white people want black men and women to view themselves as the white majority sees them, as substandard people. It is a hope to make black men and women have a self-discrimination about themselves. Black people accepted their inferiority, using it as a crutch, as an excuse for not aspiring to higher qualities of life. They settle for less because its easier to conform then to fight the system. Even though by this time slavery was over and blacks were to suppsed to be freee and equal, it was by no means equal. “Separate but equal” was the propaganda that
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Unformatted text preview: brainwashed b lack minds into accepting inferiority. Even today, we have established second sight in places like inner city neighborhoods, by making them feel like there is no escape from the “ghetto life”. Personally, I see Obama as a modern day Du Bois. I would like to see him abolish this second sight and open up the blinds that have been drawn over the eyes of so many black people in this country. I would say the world, but before we can afffect the world, we must take care of the problem domestically. I have a friend who is in one of those “teach in the inner city” programs that attempts to get quality education into poorer neighborhoods. This is not enough though. In the society we are a part of, money makes all the difference (unfortunately). Monetary resources need to be pumped DIRECTLY into neighborhoods like these so that maybe we can all have the same equal sight....
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commentary on dubois - brainwashed b lack minds into...

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