PHY113-10 - PHY 113: Standing Waves on a String Students...

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PHY 113 : Standing Waves on a String Student’s name: Jarrod Harbour Lab partners: Jeff Weber and Lacy Butler Date of experiment: November 18, 2008 Section SLN: 79951 TA’s name: Jea-Young Choi Abstract: A standing wave is a wave that stays in one position It can be difficult to imagine, but once examples are shown in the environment, it becomes easy. One example would be how an electron revolves around its nucleus of an atom. The wave is shown in the electron’s path, and it stays in the same position. This experiment will show how standing waves relate to the physical world.
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I. Objective The objective is to explore different properties of waves travelling along a standing wave on a string. A string is a great example of a standing wave. It’s like using a jump rope. When used, the jump rope has one crest and trough, if there is a wavelength of ½. If the jump rope has a faster frequency, the jump rope would begin to have more crests and troughs. This is the same action that will happen to the string. The difference will be that the frequency will be made by machine, not by human. II. Procedure A string is present and attached to one end by a wave generator. The other end of the string is attached to a weight hanger over a pulley on the edge of the table. The wave driver is applied on the string, which drives the string in a direction perpendicular to the string. The function generator can put out a sine wave of variable frequency and variable amplitude. A 200 gram mass on the weight holder and tune the function generator to find the
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PHY113-10 - PHY 113: Standing Waves on a String Students...

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