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PHY 113-3 - PHY 113: Free Fall Measurement of the...

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PHY 113 : Free Fall Measurement of the Gravitational Acceleration g Student’s name: Jarrod Harbour Lab partners: Jeff Weber and Lacy Butler Date of experiment: September 25, 2008 Section SLN: 79951 TA’s name: Jea-Young Choi Abstract: The experiment deals with gravity and how certain objects behave with gravity and air resistance. Two objects of different masses and reactions with air resistance will be used to find their time when they hit the ground. When time and a known distance is found, gravity can be calculated.
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I. Objective The objective of this project is to measure the gravitational acceleration on the Earth using the free fall method. Free fall method is the motion of an object with being pulled on by gravity. Gravity can be found with the relationship between distance and time. With only a set distance on the object, the time the object to hit the ground will be the only variable to change the calculation to the value of gravity. II. Procedure Two balls, a rubber ball and a wiffle ball, were the objects dropped from a building. A stop watch is also included in the equipment to record the times of when the ball drops. The building was measured with a tape measure of approximately 12 meters (3 floors). The 12 meters represents the distance or height of where the ball will be drop. One ball was dropped one at a time at about the same distance. One person clocked the time of the ball upon release, and the clock stopped once the ball hit the ground. The next ball would be dropped after the first ball was recorded, and its time was recorded as well. Once both balls have dropped from the building, one person brought the balls back up to
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PHY 113-3 - PHY 113: Free Fall Measurement of the...

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