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PHY 113-6 - the simple equation Fs =-kx(Equation 1 Where k...

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PHY 113 : Free Fall Measurement of the Gravitational Acceleration g Student’s name: Jarrod Harbour Lab partners: Jeff Weber and Lacy Butler Date of experiment: October 16, 2008 Section SLN: 79951 TA’s name: Jea-Young Choi Abstract: This experiment dealt with springs, and why springs are important in the physical sciences. The main focus of the spring is what the spring constant is, how the constant works, and why it behaves in a way to react with different masses. By the end, the spring constant become clear as to why it is essential.
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I. Objective The objective of the experiment is to learn about the static properties and the spring itself. A spring is a strong, but flexible object that can store energy within itself by
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Unformatted text preview: the simple equation: Fs = -kx (Equation 1) Where k is the spring constant and x is the distance the spring stretches. The spring constant is what is trying to be found. In order to find the spring constant, the distance and the force would have to be known, but that will be explained in detail in the next section. The springs will also be compared with a rubber band, in which can hold same characteristics of a spring. However, a rubber band has a much different spring constant than a spring itself. Therefore, the lab will also show why rubber bands have the same characteristics, but different behavior than a spring....
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PHY 113-6 - the simple equation Fs =-kx(Equation 1 Where k...

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