Notes for March 5

Notes for March 5 - Notes for Poli 113: 3/5/08 GDP per...

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Unformatted text preview: Notes for Poli 113: 3/5/08 GDP per capita- WB UNDP t rying to get away from using income, but still using Use life expectancy at birth--gives overall health and wellbeing of whole population, not just babies as would death rate of babies, as an indicator. Adult li teracy rate and primary and secondary enrollment- if have crisis in area where schooling occurs--Indonesia 40%... teachers not paid very much, tells about the peopleability to achieve the goals that they will want, empowerment (education is best index of what empowerment you have as an individual, personal capital) In many undeveloped count ries, combined enrollment higher than 100 percent--people go back to school outside of age group Leaves out politics Poverty line established with basket of goods and services Sources: National statistics office, WB, regional development banks Address state of count ry now and change, look at a decade--take data before asian economic crisis Poverty one of the most central issues in the third world--assume congruence between the third world and poverty--but more about the lack of potential being given to the people in these areas Need empowerment things to realize potential About 100 count ries seriously affected by poverty, 1.5 billion, declined by half in last 20 years 50 % of Africa affected Poverty syndrome- shows relative deprivation (not absolute), Crone sees it as being about a lack of choices (it's when they don't have choices that they can be satisfied with their circumstances that are hor rible) Employment Empowerment Education Medical/sanitation Their views aren't part of the process From: Cultural structures Over population Inequality Economic structure Political strife ...
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This note was uploaded on 04/29/2008 for the course POLI 113 taught by Professor Crone during the Spring '08 term at Claremont.

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Notes for March 5 - Notes for Poli 113: 3/5/08 GDP per...

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