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PHY 113-7 - PHY 113: Conservation of Linear Momentum...

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PHY 113 : Conservation of Linear Momentum Student’s name: Jarrod Harbour Lab partners: Jeff Weber and Lacy Butler Date of experiment: October 27, 2008 Section SLN: 79951 TA’s name: Jea-Young Choi Abstract: Linear momentum is the product of mass and velocity, which deals with how momentum deals with the physical world. Momentum has to do with how objects interact with each other when they collide or how their physical characteristics change after change in momentum of other objects. Linear momentum will all be dealt with in this project.
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I. Objective The objective to the project is to understand how elastic and inelastic collisions differ. There are several differences among elastic and inelastic collisions. For one, elastic collisions are collisions in which the kinetic energy after the collision is equal to the kinetic energy before the collision. Elastic collision can only happen if that energy doesn’t transfer to any other type of energy. In contrast, inelastic collisions don’t conserve kinetic energy. Instead, that energy gets transferred into some other type of energy, which can include potential energy or even heat. Elastic and inelastic collisions will be dealt with on a 1-dimensional scale and be able to show the conservation of momentum and energy. II. Procedure This experiment has to deal with two photogates. These photogates were used to record the position of the carts as a function of the time passing through. Precautions of the photogates were taken, including to leveling the photogate light beam so the carts can hit the light to begin recording the time. The computer program for the experiment will assist with finding the velocity of
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PHY 113-7 - PHY 113: Conservation of Linear Momentum...

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