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PHY 113-8 - PHY 114: Absorption of Nuclear Radiation...

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PHY 114 : Absorption of Nuclear Radiation Student’s name: Jarrod Harbour Lab partners: Rex Williams, Eric Parmon, and Patrick Varval Date of experiment: January 30, 2009 Section SLN: 20430 TA’s name: Yanan Zhao Abstract: Radiation was measured through the Geiger-Mueller counter. With it, the background radiation and the attenuations of the gamma and beta rays were recorded and measured. The Graphical Analysis made a graph for each ray with a line of regression, with which the mass thickness attenuation factor was found.
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I. Objective There are a few objectives to this experiment. One of them is to understand and how to use one of the lab instruments in nuclear physics, the Geiger-Mueller counter. The Geiger-Mueller counter is used to detect radiation in general. This is very useful in this experiment because it will be used in the attenuation of beta and gamma rays. Beta and gamma rays can be detected by the counter even with an object between Geiger-Mueller tube and the radiation ray. II. Procedure The operating voltage was measured for the G-M counter. The timer was set on manual so the counter wouldn’t stop after a certain amount of time. What was needed to be done was find a high voltage that would increase the counter without stopping. The
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PHY 113-8 - PHY 114: Absorption of Nuclear Radiation...

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