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PHY 113-9 - PHY 113 Simple Harmonic Motion Students name...

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PHY 113 : Simple Harmonic Motion Student’s name: Jarrod Harbour Lab partners: Jeff Weber and Lacy Butler Date of experiment: November 13, 2008 Section SLN: 79951 TA’s name: Jea-Young Choi Abstract: Simple harmonic motion is motion that repeats itself. Harmonic motion is very important in physics, but ironically overlooked in our daily lives. This simple but essential motion will be looked at in this experiment with springs and an object attached to the springs.
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I. Objective The objective of the experiment is to learn about the simple harmonic oscillator. The oscillator will be composed of both springs and massive cart. We also want to make sure that the period of the simple harmonic motion is proportional to the square root of the mass, but have independence of the amplitude at the same time. Simple harmonic motions should be able to have repeated motions that don’t change as the amplitude of the motion changes. So this idea of simple harmonic motions has to be observed and recorded. While doing this experiment, the spring constants will have to be measured on the springs to see how strong or weak the oscillations are. Finally, we need to verify if the energy is conserved on our model. II. Procedure The pre-set experiment file was opened on the computer. Once the program was set up, the cart that’s going to be used to be pulled by the springs needs to be weighed first. After weighing the cart, the cart was placed and attached back onto the springs. To begin, the cart was pulled away from its equilibrium from about 8cm away. Once pulled,
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PHY 113-9 - PHY 113 Simple Harmonic Motion Students name...

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