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PHY 114-2 - PHY 114: Electric Field Plotting I Students...

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PHY 114 : Electric Field Plotting I Student’s name: Jarrod Harbour Lab partners: Rex Williams, Eric Parmon, and Patrick Varval Date of experiment: February 6, 2009 Section SLN: 20430 TA’s name: Yanan Zhao Abstract: The experiment that took place was about the electric field and how it’s plotted on a plane. It was created to understand the electric potentials and the fields around the potential. After calculations of the distance and the electrodes are made, we could find out and determine the magnitude and direction of the electric. The direction of the potential was parallel to the plate, while the electric field is perpendicular to the plates.
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I. Objective The main objective of the experiment is to determine where the equipotential lines are and their direction in certain electric fields. There will be two different arrangements of electric fields in this experiment, and the goal is to understand the electric field’s behavior in nature. However, looking at the equipotential lines is just as important as the electric field. These lines are used to see where the lines are being drawn on the plane and find a relationship with the electric field and the electrodes. II. Procedure The power supply was connected to the two electrodes on the conductive paper. The power supply was set to 10 volts on the electrodes. Various locations on the
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PHY 114-2 - PHY 114: Electric Field Plotting I Students...

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