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The Ventotone Manifesto (Spinelli and Rossi) Left-wing intellectuals and unionists. The “conquest of national political power” is the past. What lies in the future is “the creation of a solid international state.” This is basically a time of opportunity. The pieces of the countries are “susceptible of being poured into new molds.” They should stray from the balance of power theory. The first thing to do is to abolish “the division of Europe into national, sovereign states,” for a “federal reorganization.” The union that will develop must have an armed service because we were shown with the League of Nations that the policy of non-intervention is “ridiculous.” The Tragedy of Europe (Churchill) First united Europe call from credible source, unionist. It is necessary that Europe unites before war destroys everything. It’s necessary to remake the “European family.” The League of Nations failed because its principles were deserted by its members. Organization based on region is natural and should work and
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Unformatted text preview: not conflict with UN. Germany should be punished and disarmed, but then it should be forgiven to prevent more conflict. “The first step is to create a Council of Europe,” in which France and Germany will lead, must lead, putting aside old conflicts for new solutions. The Schuman Declaration (Schuman) Given to him by Monnet, functionalist. The necessary step is to create a “de facto solidarity” that would make it impossible for Germany and France to war against one another, “materially impossible.” “World peace cannot be safeguarded without the making of creative efforts proportionate to the dangers which threaten it.” Europe cannot be made by a leap into union; it will be put together through steps. The ECSC is a decisive step in the right direction. It lays a basis for “economic unification.” It is a way to further the economies of both countries and because of shared sovereignty, they would be hurting themselves to start conflicts....
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