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TakeHome - with territory or food supply the other species...

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Based on the graph, the three groups of organisms are roughly the same proportion. The vascular plants seem to always have the highest number of species in each category except for a 9 specie difference in the possibly extinct category. The invertebrates are usually in the middle of the organisms except in the possibly extinct category. For vertebrates, there is a low number of endangered species in all three categories. At the same time, the proportions of the groups may vary a little bit. One reason could be the environment each group of species live in. With the world and the climate changing, there may be certain groups of species that are going extinct because they can’t survive the temperature. Another reason could be that other species are making other species go extinct. When one species take advantage of another species, possibly
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Unformatted text preview: with territory or food supply, the other species may go extinct. One factor that makes a species more or less vulnerable to extinction is the gain and loss of habitat for each species. On the self-test for ecomisconceptions.com, my score was 6/9. It seems like every question was tricky, and each one had to use some thinking. I most difficult question in my opinion was the question about the percentage of the energy gained by a trophic level that’s transferred to the next trophic level. I wasn’t exactly sure what the question was asking me. Of course, not knowing the definition of trophic doesn’t help much. But I was trying to think of a concept of a plant transferring energy to another, and didn’t know the percentage of the energy transferred. Overall, the test was difficult for me....
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