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live performance critique - Caitlin Bartley THTR 3011...

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Caitlin Bartley THTR 3011 December 4, 2008 Live Performance Critique: COMPANY The live performance of the production of COMPANY took place at The Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder, Colorado. Woof! Theatre Productions presented this musical in their own unique way with Stephen Sondheims lyrics and music and with the book by George Furth. The Daily Camera's Mark Collins criticized this specific production in his own review. I am going to agree with what Mark Collins describes in his review about the production choices of COMPANY and how they were indeed effective for audiences watching. COMPANY is about a 35 year old bachelor named Robert who is surrounded by his friends who are married couples. As he celebrates his 35 th birthday in this humorous musical, he struggles to understand what marriage is about and he talks to his friends about the reasons why they get married and how married life is. He begins to wonder about ifhe should get married himself, and he starts to reevaluate his single life with random girls. His friends persuade him into taking different directions and all have different relationship advice. After asking himself his own questions and exploring these thoughts in his head, it is made clear that the single life is right for him and his friends let him be. I completely agree with Collins when he discusses the production is in an intimate setting, it has a powerful effect. The fact that the actors don't use microphones, it's as if you are sitting in the room with them and this makes the show more direct and personal. The impact of the stage and setting serves the purpose for how the audience is feeling and
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being more connected to the story and characters because it is small and close. Even without microphones, you are able to grasp the pure talent these actors possess in heir voices. Irs better that there are no microphones because it shows the audience that these performers can sing so strongly and they don't need technological assistance to prove that. The music and score of Stephen Sondheim is played by Arthur T. Ortega with a three piece band. The Daily Camera's review is right when it says that the drums, keyboards, and electric bass help to make this score simple and clear cut for audiences to
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live performance critique - Caitlin Bartley THTR 3011...

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