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origin of species - (L-~i ~ H\e'c-c I"C~,j'C ~ l c cu{f~\I...

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------ ----------- (L -~i\~- H \e-{'c-c_ '-- ,j 'C-: ~ c\ cu{f~~ '\:::"--t \I it V=~..A 1 L~ (f- 'v ~I\'--',) f\~L . 'hq<~c<'-LH I"C~ l;- ~-<J"I\) I Si+ ~-o'~'=' (net Ll'-I l'C t•... -, ¥u C'\-,\. 1~ r-~~{'\'--~ )~..1-~1 ~u "te' q~r~- \;~J-tf\ c0\;~- ~f1\el".)t/ C~'t:-I \ C\U\.-L'-ftV':-~.-\ L L'--i\cte:-'l\~ t"~f\(J . tt-'lC-(t" ,t1v=:f~- c~I'e;. C'I C I /CC(}P-~J \~J I~-t~~~l~ -H\.4~l~f~:J
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