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Professor Steven Engel A Proctor and Gamble Teaching Excellence Award Winner Office: Leeds School of Business Room 403 Office Hours: Tuesdays: 2-3:15 Wednesdays: 10-11 Y':.fvesn\n~ bC.~CX~C5 Thursdays: 9:45-10:45 '* Email: [email protected] (best way to contact me) Phone: 3034926112, but email is a better way to contact me. WebSite: \oOO\(. MQ.V~ Your email: I may email you using your address. If this is not your regular email, go to and have your mail forwarded. REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: International Marketing by Cateora and Graham 13 th edition COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to do the following: (1) Identify and explain important concepts in international marketing strategy including economic, geographic, political, and social forces that have shaped and continue to define global markets. Evaluate topics critical to success in international markets, including assessment of a firm's international capabilities, techniques for gauging the potential of international markets, international segmentation approaches, and alternative arrangements for entering foreign markets. Compare and contrast product, price, distribution, logistics, promotion, and research decisions made in global versus domestic markets. Explain the proper use of financial arrangements characteristic of international marketing, including exchange rates and controls, balance-of-payment principles, import licensing agreements and tariffs. Primary Tool: My outlines at the beginning of each class period will identify the important concepts in each chapter. We will spend our class time explaining and evaluating these concepts. A multiple choice exam will test your ability to define these topics and differentiate between them. (2) Apply these concepts in company analyses and marketing strategy development. Defining them is not sufficient. The student should also be able to use these concepts to make an international marketing management decision, and " then justify and defend it as the optimal choice. Primary Tools: Written Case analyses; video case discussions; Written and oral Current events issue debates; Written Export group project; essay exam questions. (3) Access and effectively utilize sources of data and information necessary to complete industry and company analyses. Primary Tools: Numerous websites and online databases. You will practice using these sources in the written case analysis, issue debates, and export group project. ATTENDANCE: I will take roll in this class only twice, on Tuesday Aug 26 and then again on Thursday Aug 28. Ifa registered student misses both of these classes then I will drop them from the course and make room for people on the wait list. Dropped students might not get back in the course. After these two times, I will not take roll again. You are adults, you can decide what your priorities are. However, if you ditch my class, I will
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syllabus0001 - Professor Steven Engel A Proctor and Gamble...

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