Corkin & H.M. Review

Corkin & H.M. Review - ability to reconstruct the...

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In H.M. Anterograde amnesia global: regardless of the kind of: memory test (free recall, cued recall, yes/no recognition, multiple- choice recognition, learning to criterion); stimulus material (words, digits, paragraphs, pseudowords, faces, shapes, clicks, tones, tunes, sounds, mazes, public events, personal events); sensory modality through which information was presented (vision, audition, somatosensory system, olfaction) Retrograde amnesia Before accident. H.M exhibits episodic retrograde amnesia. Temporally graded Remote memory spared Episodic memory H.M.’s anterograde amnesia manifests as deficient acquisition of: episodic knowledge (memory for events that have a specific spatial and temporal context) knowledge (general knowledge about the world, including new word meanings) semantic memory Intact as evident in his ability to recollect pre-surgical events (without detail) and his
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Unformatted text preview: ability to reconstruct the floor plan of his home. May be due to procedural learning being replayed in his head. recall Semantic, but not episodic. Due to the spared regions of his perirhinal cortex, H. .M. has the ability to become familiar with stimuli, but without the hippocampus there is no context and no recollection recollection absent priming See Table 1and granola-jacuzzi experiment Procedural learning he could still show consistent improvement over several consecutive days of testing, and that he could retain that non-declarative knowledge for as long as a year. These results indicate that acquisition and retention of a visual motor skill rely on substrates beyond the MTL region. implicit learning Relatively intact due to systems lying outside the MTL...
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Corkin & H.M. Review - ability to reconstruct the...

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