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Portia Mellott April 1, 2009 PSY 101 Pf. DeVree Presentation Clyde, Kelsey, and I did our presentation on Chapter 7 about dreams. I learned about the different theories of dreams including Freud, Jung, Foulkes, Hobson, and the Evolutionary aspect. Freud believed that dreams were expressions of our wants, needs, and wishes that are hidden in our unconscious. Jung agreed with Freud but also believed that dreams were reflections of the collective unconscious. Hobson believed in the biological aspects of dreams and that dreams were just an “activation of brain centers and synthesis of information from activated areas” (p. 257). Hobson thought that dreams have no explanation of feelings, have nothing to do with the unconscious, and are just merely biological thoughts. Evolutionary theorists believed that dreams were a preparation for future events that may happen. A similar thought to this is called Déjà vu, when someone has a recollection of going through the same event before. Thus,
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