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Psych Notes II. The Psychodynamic Approach to Personality B. Adler and Individual Psychology 1. Striving for Superiority or Success a. superiority b. success 2. overcompensation 3. Unity of Personality a. All thoughts, feelings, and actions serve a single purpose b. Final goal 4. Social Interest a. Feeling of oneness with all humanity 5. Creative Power a. ability to shape our own personality and choose our final goal. 6. Family constellations a. Affect important personality characteristics 7. Early recollections a. Style of life influences how we interpret early experiences 8. Adler’s theory less influential than Freud’s. C. Jung and Analytical Psychology 1. Less emphasis on sex 2. Behavior as less rigid and determined 3. Search for meaning in life 4. Analytical psychology a. Self-realization or perfection b. Collective unconscious i. Archetypes: quest for self-realization involves accepting specific archetypes. - Shadow -Men must recognize their anima -Women must recognize their animus - Great mother : symbolizes nourishment and destruction (i.e. fairy godmother, mother earth, mother nature) - Wise old man : symvolizes wisdom, often shallow (i.e. Qizard of Oz). III. Trait and Type Theories A. A trait is any readily identifiable, stable quality that characterizes how an individual differs from others a. Related to disposition b. Exist on a continuum
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march2notes - Portia Mellott Psych Notes II. The...

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