SPRING 09 SYLLABUS PSYCH 201 HCC - 1 Hagerstown Community...

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1 Hagerstown Community College OFFICIAL COURSE SYLLABUS DOCUMENT COURSE: PSY-201 General Psychology (3 credits) INSTRUCTOR: Joshua De Vree SEMESTER/YEAR:Spring 2008 COURSE DESCRIPTION: Designed as an introductory course and prerequisite to other psychology courses, general psychology introduces the data, concepts, theories, principles, and methods of contemporary psychology while examining the dynamic factors that influence behavior. TEXTBOOK: Lefton, L.A., & Brannon, L., (2006). Psychology, 9 th ed ., Boston, Allyn and Bacon STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: 1. Identify the definitions of psychological terms 2. Recognize examples of psychological principles, concepts, and methods 3. Describe the correct sequences of the stages or components of psychological theories, methods, and processes 4. Match psychological theories with their theorists, assumptions, and concepts 5. Know the purposes, components, advantages, disadvantages, and explanatory power of psychological methods 6. Predict behavior and mental processes from the perspective of particular psychological principles or theories 7. Utilize critical thinking skills to evaluate the validity of statements dealing with behavior and mental processes 8. Think critically about psychological principles, concepts, theories, and methods COURSE CONTENT OBJECTIVES: 1. Describe the major perspectives within psychology including the biopsychological, behavioral, humanistic, cognitive, psychoanalytic, and sociocultural approaches. 2. Understand the various types of psychological research. 3. Define and apply the experimental method. 4. Understand basic statistical concepts. 5. Understand the human subjects protocol for research. 6.
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SPRING 09 SYLLABUS PSYCH 201 HCC - 1 Hagerstown Community...

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