Journal Questions for Candide

Journal Questions for Candide - evidence supports the...

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Journal Questions for Candide ~ Due Tuesday, 1/20, Typed Voltaire has quite an agenda for Candide . Below you will find four of the most important themes that are developed in Candide . Use these as your assertions. Find evidence in Candide to support each assertion and write commentary that formally explains why the specific evidence you chose supports the assertion. Your journal page will look like this: Assertion (Statement) Evidence (Direct Quotes from Candide , enclosed in quotation marks and including page # in parenthesis) Commentary (formal explanation about why the
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Unformatted text preview: evidence supports the assertion) 1. Leibnizian philosophy, or any metaphysical philosophy that seeks to deny evil, is absurd and irrelevant given human suffering. 2. Philosophical optimism (the idea that the world is already the best of all possible worlds) equals fatalism (the absence of free will). 3. Philosophical optimism denies the human reality of irredeemable pain, injustice, and cruelty. 4. The only antidote to despair is purposeful human labor to satisfy human needs....
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Journal Questions for Candide - evidence supports the...

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