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Unformatted text preview: FrancoieFrancoieMarie Marie Arouet de Voltaire Voltaire (1694-1778) http://www.jesusinstituteforum.org/cosmos/Voltaire.jpg Discussion Topics Discussion Historical Importance of Voltaire Reconstructing Voltaire’s Life Reconstructing Meaning and Ambiguity Meaning Leibnizian Optimism The Lisbon Earthquake Earthquake Work Candide Voltaire as a Figure of Towering Historical Importance Historical Prolific writer from Prolific the time he was 12 until his death at 84 (wrote more than 200 volumes of texts and correspondence) correspondence) http://library.mcmaster.ca/archives/exhibit ions/conlon/books/exhibit/images/012345 39_IMG.jpg Historical Importance Historical Father of the “philosophical tale,” a type of Father didactic fiction (see Book FOUR, p. 273) didactic “The Patriarch” of the French The Enlightenment Enlightenment The Patriarch of the French Enlightenment French Deism: the belief that God is known Deism: through nature. God created the world but it is run by nature. it Voltaire’s search Voltaire’s for God was unsettled, he was war with the God in whom he intensely believed. believed. http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/art/touchingthevoid460.jpg The Patriarch The Voltaire’s satire: laughter at revered ways Voltaire’s of thinking in order to expose incongruity and hypocrisy Voltaire changed the way the public had thought for more than a millennium by presenting tolerance as a virtue rather than a vice. than Estate at Ferney had become the mecca Estate of enlightened European minds of Voltaire’s Life Voltaire’s We’ll reconstruct the general happenings of We’ll Voltaire’s life using the “Timeline” handout Voltaire’s Illustration in the 1778 illustration of Candide Emilie du Chatelet http://www.google.com/i mgres? imgurl=http://people.whit man.edu/~iversojr/Candi http://www.consolatio.c om/images/2007/10/08/ emilie_du_chtelet_at_h er_desk.jpg Meaning and Ambiguity Meaning Voltaire had to mask much of his meaning Voltaire because of censorship and horrible punishments for heresy punishments Ironies and double-meanings are very Ironies common in his work. In this way, a court of law would have more trouble punishing him for his daring thoughts. him “The secret to be boring is to reveal The everything.” everything.” Leibnizian Optimism Leibnizian God is infinitely wise, powerful, God and good and has created the best of all possible worlds. best If we had God’s knowledge, If we would understand the good of what we might think, from our limited perspective, to be evil. evil. Book FOUR, 358-361 http://personal5.iddeo.es/jorcor/filosofs/leibniz7.jpg Themes in Voltaire’s Poem on the Lisbon Earthquake Poem Attempts at philosophical Attempts explanation of suffering add insult to injury insult Evil is real and Evil incomprehensible. incomprehensible. God exists, but we cannot God understand his providence. understand Humanity, not God, requires Humanity, our love and attention. our Ruins of the Lisbon Cathedral, Portugal http://nisee.berkeley.edu/kozak/lisbon5.jpg Rousseau’s Response to the Poem Rousseau’s Rousseau, another great writer of the Rousseau, time, responded that: time, Voltaire betrayed both providence and the Voltaire hopes of mankind. Our rational knowledge of God’s nature outweighs the appearances of things outweighs Cities are centers of corruption. God put Cities earthquakes in nature to persuade people to live in the country. to Candide Candide Voltaire responded to Voltaire Rousseau by writing Candide Candide See page 273 in Book See FOUR for a basic plot summary and very general analysis of Candide Candide Illustration in the 1778 illustration of Candide http://www.google.com/imgres Discussion Topics Discussion Historical Importance of Voltaire Reconstructing Voltaire’s Life Reconstructing Meaning and Ambiguity Meaning Leibnizian Optimism The Lisbon Earthquake Earthquake Work Candide ...
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