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SacredFuryChapt4 - Portia Mellott REL 109 Introduction to...

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Portia Mellott November 14, 2008 REL 109: Introduction to World Religions Philip Lucas Sacred Fury Chapter 4 Questions c. What is it about Western culture that is threatening to traditional religious cultures and in what ways does the West challenge “all the rest”? The Western culture, especially the United States of America, has become a threat to most religious cultures in the Middle East because of the United State’s status in the world right now. The United States believes that they are “on top of the world” and think that their morals and values should be universal and not just local. For example, we believe that terrorists are horrible people who deserve to be put in jail for the innocent deaths of many. However, Americans do not understand that it is part of the Islam religion. For centuries, when Muslims felt threatened, they would declare jihad. Through this strategy, Islam has survived when other religions tried to take over.
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