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Portia Mellott October 16, 2008 Religion Notes Islam -Five basic ritual obligations, “pillars of islam” -Shahada, Testifying in the unity of God, Salat, Five daily prayers, zakat, legal almsgiving; swam, fasting during holy month of Ramadan; and Hau, pilgrimage to mecca. -No pillar is fully elaborated in Qur’an. Each ritual has its own history and emerged during the first centuries of the muslim umma. -first important to discuss ritual purity in Islam—Tahara. Muhammed reportedly said “the key to paradise is prayer and the key to prayer is purification.” -Two levels of purification, spiritual and physical. Spiritual purification: Living with gratitude to Allah and high level of personal morality. -Physical purity, achievd by avoiding certain activities, and by performing specific ritual acts. -unless believer is in state of purity, he may not handle Koran, perform salat, or engage in other important Islamic rituals. -two kinds of ritual pollution: external, caused by having some impure substance- for example, alcoholic beverages, blood or pus, feces—come in contact with skin or clothing. Must be removed before the person is considered ritually pure. Usually done by washing skin or cloth. -sweat, milk, saliva, and tears considered clean. -2 nd type of ritual pollution caused by engaging in certain activities. Includes sleeping, intoxication, fainting, elimination, sexual contact, and menstruation. -Removed by ritual washings accompanied by prayers. The Qur’an, gives specific directions for these ablutions: “o believers, when you stand up to pray wash your face, and your hands up to the elbows, and wipe your heads, and your feet up to the ankles” -major pollutions removed by full bath. Recommended that muslims bathe before Friday mosque prayers. -muslims also pay close attention to clean mouth and teeth, following m’s example.
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October16notes - Portia Mellott Religion Notes Islam-Five...

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