Kasey and NADIA II

Kasey and NADIA II - Hz A up one octave 880 Hz list three...

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Prelab 10 Questions 1. **If a wire has the dimensions 2 meter long and a radius of 1 mm and the linear density, µ, of 10g/m what is the mass of the wire? (assume completely cylindrical)? 2. Derive a result for the frequency of the string if you know the tension (T), linear density (µ), number of antinodes (n), and the length L? 3. If raising the pitch by one octave in music is when you double the frequency (ie A, 440
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Unformatted text preview: Hz, A up one octave 880 Hz), list three physical ways to double the frequency that are independent of each other. Also list how much you should change each quantity. Use your results from question 2 to answer this question. Answer: In order to double the frequency, you should quadruple the tension, half the length, or quarter the mass density...
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