chapter 4 and 5

chapter 4 and 5 - weigh into the sentencing of a particular...

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CJUS131F2F-Chapters Four and Five Practice Quiz 1.) In Michigan misdemeanor cases are generally tried in the District Courts a.) true b.) false 2.) Felony cases in Michigan are generally tried in Circuit Court. a.) true b.) false 3.) _______________ ______________ of the law is guaranteed by the 14 th amendment to the United States Constitution. 4.) The judges decision at sentencing is basically a balancing of societies right to be free from crime, and the offenders right to be spared punishment that is excessive. a.) true b.) false 5.) A _______________ ________________ is conducted by a probation officer prior to sentencing, and is one of the primary tools used by the judge to determine a sentence for the offender. 6.) The politics and personal bias of the judge in any particular case never
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Unformatted text preview: weigh into the sentencing of a particular offender. a.) true b.) false 7.) The three primary sentencing models used in the U.S. are the judicial, legislative, and ____________________. 8.) When offenders who have committed the same crime receive vastly different sentences this is known as _________________ _____________. 9.) Studies have shown that with an increase in incarceration rates the crime rate drops, indicating the value of deterrence. a.) true b.) false 10.)Since 1960, the U.S. Supreme Court has adopted a hands off doctrine toward the treatment of prisoners. a.) true b.) false 11.)Which of the following is a common petition for an inmate to make to the Federal Courts a.) Writ of Habeus Corpus b.) Writ of Mandamus c.) Civil rights violation(s)...
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chapter 4 and 5 - weigh into the sentencing of a particular...

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