chapter 7 - a.) true b.) false 8.) A report that the...

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CJUS131F2F-Chapter Seven Practice Quiz 1.) Probation has it’s roots in a.) right of sanctuary b.) benefit of clergy c.) suspended sentences d.) all of the above 2.) Probation differs from a suspended sentence in that it requires that the offender be supervised. a.) true b.) false 3.) Probation and parole are the same thing a.) true b.) false 4.) _________________ _________________ is considered the father of modern probation in the U.S. 5.) Which of the following is an advantage of probation over incarceration. a.) it costs less b.) it helps avoid the prisonization of the offender c.) it helps keep the offenders family off the welfare rolls d.) all of the above 6.) It is said that the probation officer serves a dual role-as an advocate for the offender and as an officer of the court a.) true b.) false 7.) We currently have just under 2 million adults on probation in the U.S.
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Unformatted text preview: a.) true b.) false 8.) A report that the probation officer must prepare and give to the court making recommendations regarding the defendants sentence is known as the _______________ ______________ __________. 9.) Which of the following are considered general conditions of probation a.) reporting to the probation officer regularly b.) avoiding associations with known criminals c.) not leaving the jurisdiction without permission d.) all of the above 10.)A probationer can have the probation revoked for committing a new crime or for a _____________ violation of their conditions of probation. 11.)The Broken Windows approach to probation supervision borrows heavily from the idea of community policing. a.) true b.) false...
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chapter 7 - a.) true b.) false 8.) A report that the...

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