february 16 - February 16 Government We have party...

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February 16 Government We have party identification rather than formal party membership. .. thus weak parties. American political parties function as service organizations for candidates. Republican party organizations assume that if you run and win in a Republican primary, you more or less agree with them, so they should support you. (Same for Democrats.) which districts are safe for us? (where our party has a chance of winning?) They'll concentrate on giving money to their candidates in those “safe” districts. also offer various kinds of assistance. If you win the Republican primary, you'll get a loose-leaf binder that tells every official Republican position on every issue. .. they'll “give you something to say” there are occasionally candidates who are so extreme that the party will not support them Money is the most important resource in politics. .. television advertising is pretty expensive. Impact of private interests on public policy → people who give money to candidates or parties and expect something in return. wealthy special interests have a big impact on American public policy 1999: chairman of Republican National Committee, Jim Nicholson , wrote a letter to the CEO of Bristol-Myers Squibb (a pharmaceutical corporation) asking for a contribution of $250,000. He
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february 16 - February 16 Government We have party...

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