february 18 - February 18 Government access = allows...

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Unformatted text preview: February 18 Government access = allows someone to actually get into government and talk, person-to-person because...? best way = through money hiring former politicians; people who already have access in 2004, 239 former members of Congress were registered as professional lobbyists in Washington in 2005, an organization called Public Citizen did a study on all the members of Congress who left from 1998-2005... of the 198 ex-members of Congress, 43% became professional lobbyists. private influence over public policy Organized wealth and special interests are more equal than others... more influence than ordinary citizens. Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) = trade association of drug companies 120 full-time staff members... employs hundreds of lobbyists on a part-time basis employed Linda Daschle (?), Tom Daschle's wife... when they wanted influence, would ask Linda to lobby her husband also employed head of Republican National Committee, as well as the son of Orrin Hatch (senator from Utah), Scott Hatch....
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february 18 - February 18 Government access = allows...

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